2016 Malgré la nuit

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Kristian Marr et Ariane Labed

Fiction 150′
Un film de Philippe Grandrieux
Avec :
Kristian Marr, Ariane Labed, Roxane Mesquida, Paul Hamy, Johan Leysen, Sam Louwyck, Aurélien Recoing…

Musique : Ferdinand Grandrieux

Une coproduction franco-canadienne
Paris : Mandrake Films (Catherine Jacques) – Epileptic – Ohmstudio – Le Septième Continent
Montréal : La Maison de Prod – 1976 Productions

Malgré la nuit.
Paris. Lenz (Kristian Marr) cherche Madeleine disparue mystérieusement. Il rencontre Hélène (Ariane Labed) une jeune femme envoutée par sa pulsion autodestructrice. Un amour fou nait entre eux.
Louis (Paul Hamy) et Léna (Roxane Mesquida) dévorés par leur jalousie amèneront Lenz à suivre malgré lui Hélène dans le monde souterrain d’un sombre réseau d’exploitation sexuel.
On entre dans le film comme dans un rêve.
L’amour est ce qui nous sauve, fut-il perdu, d’emblée perdu.

Despite the Night.
Paris. Lenz (Kristian Marr) searches for Madeleine, who has mysteriously disappeared. He meets Hélène (Ariane Labed), a young woman in thrall to her self-destructive impulses. An amour fou develops between them.
Louis (Paul Hamy) and Léna (Roxane Mesquida), consumed with jealousy, compel Lenz, despite himself, to follow Hélène into the grim underground world of a brutal sex ring.
We pass into the film as into a dream.
Love is what saves us, even a love lost from the start.



FESTIVALS 2015 et 2016 : 

Rotterdam (IFFR) / Berlin (Critic’s Week) / New-York (Film Comment Selects, Lincoln Center) / Buenos-Aires (BAFICI) / 17th Jeonju IFF / FNC Montréal / Buenos-Aires / Jeonju / Riviera Maya (Mexique) / Melbourne / Milan / Séville Thessalonique / Sao Polo (Brésil) / Belo Horizonte (Brésil) / Los Angeles / Copenhague …

IFFR Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known for screening films that are a little more outré than those found in your garden-variety festival, so it was a surprise to see patrons streaming for the exit signs during the latest from French provocateur Philippe Grandrieux. His interest in texture and capturing the grim rapture of convulsing bodies remains front and centre in the very hardcore Malgré le Nuit, a Paris-set dirge of self-abasement and transgression that uses close-ups for so much of its runtime that seeing a shot of a room, a street or a skyline feels very odd indeed. It stars Kristian Marr, returning from exile in search of a lover he discovers is dead. But as someone who keeps a string of women on the simmer, he transfers his passions over to a fatalistic nurse (Ariane Labed) and a dreamy chanteuse (Roxane Mesquida) who happens to be connected to the world of online snuff videos. While the narrative doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny, it’s a singular narcotic experience – the kind of dangerous and genuinely sensual film…

BERLIN Woche der Kritik

“Life, it blinds me.” Philippe Grandrieux arranges a rapture of love into a climax in snuff. Lenz is haunted by a former lover while Madeleine longs for liberating submission. Unfulfilled desire threatens to engulf them in a struggle for radical presence. Overcoming death becomes an existential fetish.

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